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Bank Advisors Ltd. is a uniquely qualified bank consulting firm that provides a comprehensive menu of services needed to accurately evaluate and manage a loan portfolio, and to successfully navigate today's regulatory environment.  Here is a summary of the services we provide to our clients.

ABL Field Audits

Unlike a typical accounting firm, Bank Advisors understands exactly what the Banker wants to know about the collateral.  Our field audit reports provide a "deep dive", delivering information to help you make the best decision for your Bank. Our team includes a Certified Internal Auditor as well Commercial Credit professionals with decades of variegated industry Field Audit expertise.

External Loan Review & Due Diligence

External Loan Review and Due Diligence services must result in a clear value add.  Therefore, we understand the importance of a detailed and accurate analysis and concise recommendations.  Our reviews provide an analysis of individual loan strengths and weaknesses, appropriate risk rating assignments based on specific loan policy, accurate reserve recommendations, and potential documentation deficiencies.  Bank Advisors represents commercial banks, independent and institutional investors, and investment banks.

Appraisal Review 
The current regulatory climate, coupled with industry quality control objectives, have increased the focus on the appraisal review processes.  Bank Advisors provides regulatory-compliant independent appraisal reviews.   This service often goes hand-in-hand with other loan review needs, providing our clients with an additional level of expertise and scrutiny.

Outsourced Underwriting abl field audit

Community Banks often experience times when additional credit analysis/underwriting assistance is needed, whether due to sudden personnel changes or temporary loan demand increases.  Bank Advisors' underwriting experts can "plug in" to a bank's credit culture quickly and easily.  Also, the experience level of our team members often exceeds that of a typical bank credit analyst.  

Asset Quality Assessment and Compliance 
Assistance with ongoing regulatory requirements and specific regulatory orders, including ALLL Development, FAS 114 Analysis, Risk Rating Review, Criticized Asset Reporting, Loan and Appraisal Policy Review, and Bank Management Studies. Bank Advisors' exceptional reputation with the regulatory agencies enables us to act as a direct liaison for our clients.   

ALCO & Liquidity Risk Reviews

We assist our clients with the development, implementation, and monitoring of policies and procedures required to optimize the Bank’s Asset and Liability Risk management.  Our Reviews and Audits provide the Board of Directors with a measure of the Bank’s adherence to those policies and procedure.  Similarly, our services include the development and implementation of liquidity management policies and procedures, contingent funding strategies, risk limits, and stress testing.

Branch Acquisition/Disposition Project Management

With the recent increase in bank M&A activity, Bank Advisors has witnessed new opportunities for third-party banks to acquire single branches where the merging banks geographically overlap.  The endless tasks associated with diligence, regulatory approval, conversion, and integration can seem daunting for smaller organizations.  Bank Advisors' banking professionals offer a turn-key solution to the multi-faceted aspects of a bank branch acquisition or disposition.

Internal Audit & Audit Risk Assessments

Bank Advisors will assist with establishing an audit committee reporting mechanism, and monitoring processes that enable effective oversight.  We help develop and establish internal audit methodology, policy and procedures, internal audit tools, and reporting standards.  Our Audit Risk Assessments are designed to identify the areas considered to have the greatest potential risk to the bank.  The assessments identify and prioritize key areas of potential risk and opportunity.  These key areas establish the basis for the bank in developing its internal audit plan.  Each plan is unique to the bank and developed from the input of the audit committee and management.​

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